We all know there’s plenty of pressure washing companies around Jacksonville, but what you may not know is at Home Services by McCue we have a secret weapon we use on tough jobs, his name is James Searcy.

James is like no other when it comes to the POWER washer. He has a special talent for tackling any size pressure washing job and he has a deep resource of secret remedies for stains others wouldn’t dare to tackle.

“He’s so focused you can’t even talk to him”, jokes business owner Mitch McCue, but one thing is certain no one else does it like James. He takes great pride in his work and is very meticulous when he has the “magic wand” in his hands.

Have you seen the Clint Eastwood movies where he gets a crazy look in his eye before he takes out the bad guys? Well that’s James, some people claim he so focused on the cleaning the stains off they take up and run.

All the kidding aside, when it comes to pressure washing anything tough. We know we have the “secret weapon”.

Next time you have a pressure washing project of any size. Give Home Services by McCue a chance to show you our secret stain fighting weapon.

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You know that look Clint Eastwood gets right before fighting the bad guys? That’s the look James gives the stains when pressure washing and I swear you can see them start to come right of the payment.

At Home Services by McCue we handle any size pressure washing job around Jacksonville. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on your next power washing project.2point-2